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Reductions - Transport


Changing attitudes to transport can make a big difference to carbon emissions:

Measure taken kg of CO2 saved annually (per person)
Use the channel tunnel instead of flying to France[3] 2000
Car sharing for the school run[3] 730
Getting supermarket shopping delivered[3] 700
Walk instead of drive for journeys under 3 miles[2] 600
Give up your car altogether and use public transport[3] 2900
Go for a run instead of driving to the gym[3] 600
Do one large shopping trip rather than many small ones[3] 600

Other things you may want to consider:

  • Cars use 25% less fuel at 55mph than at 70mph - drive slower. This would also save money - fuel is expensive![1]
  • Smooth driving can save 30% on fuel consumption, reducing carbon emissions - this means reducing the amount of sharp braking and sharp accelerating while you drive.[2]
  • Underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by 2%, increasing the running costs of your car and also increasing the carbon it emits. Check your tyres regularly. [2]
  • Roofracks and bull bars increase drag, and consumption by up to 5%, again increasing emissions - take them off when they're not needed. [2]
  • Air conditioning can add 10% to consumption - do you really need it on all the time you're in the car? [2]
  • One long haul flight can increase footprint by up to 24% - isn't there anywhere closer to home you could go to for a holiday? [4]