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Leaving household electrical equipment plugged in unnecessarily could be costing you money:[5]

Appliance Cost of energy per year(for the country) Tonnes of CO2 emitted
Stereos left on standby £290m 1,600,000
VCRs left on standby £175m 960,000
TVs left on standby £88m 480,000
Games consoles left on standby £70m 390,000
Mobile phone chargers left on charge £47m 250,000
Computer monitors left on standby £41m 220,000
DVD players left on standby £19m 100,000

Here are some more ways to cut your carbon emissions around the home:

Measure taken kg of CO2 saved annually (per person)
Switching your home to a 'green' electricity tariff[3] 1,420
Hanging your washing out to dry rather than tumble drying[3] 900
Working from home 1 day a week[3] 880
Replacing your old boiler with a condensed gas model[3] 700
Turning off your lights when you leave the room[3] 370
Replacing your old fridge-freezer with a new, more efficient model.[3] 140
Turning your heating thermostat down by just one degree[2] 250
Fitting energy efficient light bulbs throughout your house[2] 80
Draught proofing your house[2] 100
Fitting cavity wall insulation[2] 860

Other considerations for household electricity use:

  • Every dishwasher cycle, whether it's full or nearly empty, is responsible for a kilogram of carbon emissions - wait until it's full or just wash pots and pans up by hand. [2]
  • The same principle goes for washing machines, running them full is far more efficient.
  • For every energy saving you make there will also be a cost saving, for every kilogram of carbon emissions you save, you will save yourself 15 - 20 pence.