Effects of CO2
Carbon emissions
The life styles we lead have an impact on the enviornment. Read about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions and their contribution to global warming. More>>


Reductions - Waste


  • Recycling a glass bottle saves 0.5kg of carbon compared to making a brand new one. Recycling a newspaper saves 0.1kg compared to making a new one - just think how many bottles and newspapers you use over the course of a year! [1]

  • The energy used to produce things that we subsiquently throw away, plus the methane given off in the landfill site is equivalent to ~20kg of CO2 per "large rubbish bag" [1]

  • Recycling uses 0.05kg per kg of waste [1]

  • Composting and recycling when possible can reduce the carbon emitted due to disposal of your waste by 40% [4]

  • On average, every tonne of food comes with quarter of a tonne of packaging, which then has to be disposed of somehow - buy food with less packaging. [4]